Promotion and Tenure Committee Training and Resources

Promotion and tenure committees are charged with examining information relevant to the evaluation of the candidate for promotion and/or tenure. The Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost requires all college-level promotion and tenure committees to complete training with a Faculty Success Advisor before accessing candidate's promotion materials. Department-level committee members are encouraged to complete the training and may be required by their college administration to finish this training before reviewing candidate's materials for promotion.

To learn more about promotion and tenure committee training and requirements, review the Promotion and Tenure Committee Training Canvas course resource document (PDF, 32KB). Faculty Success Advisors will provide committee members and other key stakeholders to the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee Training Canvas course.

Promotion and tenure committee members are asked to review the Promotion and Tenure Review webpage for additional guidance on the annual process and best practices. More resource documents are posted on the Promotion and Tenure Review webpage under the heading, Documentation for Promotion and Tenure Process, related to teaching performance and effectiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation, and multi-authored scholarship. The website also contains information related to documenting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts of interest, and excerpts from the Faculty Handbook related to promotion. You are encouraged to review the documents most salient to your promotion and tenure committee service.



Tin-Shi Tam