Promotion and Tenure Committee Training and Resources

Promotion and tenure committees are charged with examining information relevant to the evaluation of the candidate for promotion and/or tenure. Training is required of all promotion and tenure committee members before persons can be granted access to candidates’ portfolio materials and dossiers. To learn more about promotion and tenure committee training and requirements, review the Promotion and Tenure Committee Training Canvas course resource document (PDF, 32KB). Equity Advisors will provide committee members and other key stakeholders to the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee Training Canvas course.

Promotion and Tenure Committee members are encouraged to review guidance pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic on the Promotion and Tenure Review website under the heading, Documenting Impact of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic on Faculty Work. Relevant information is provided about developing materials, annual evaluation guidance, tenure-clock extensions, and best practices.



Tin-Shi Tam