Rui (Ray) Chen

Title: Associate Professor/Dean’s Fellowship in Management Information Systems/Director of Graduate Education for Information Systems
Department: Information Systems and Business Analytics
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Role in the ISU ADVANCE Program 

As the Equity Advisor of the Ivy College of Business, my role is to help the college in creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for students, staff, and faculty. To achieve these goals, I work closely with the stakeholders to hear their voices and concerns, facilitate the development of solutions, enhance the awareness of current issues, and promote a healthy college culture. In addition, I lead the college’s diversity advisory committee. At the university, I work as a member of the ADVANCE team.

Scholarly Expertise 

In the discipline of Information Systems, I have published over 80 high quality research articles in leading journals, conferences, and books. I have served as an Associate Editor for Information Systems Journal, Decision Support Systems, Information & Management, European Journal of Information Systems, and Information Systems Frontiers. I have also served as a Special Issue Associate Editor or Special Issue Editorial Board Member for Information Systems Research, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, European Journal of Information Systems, and Decision Support Systems. My research has been discussed and cited by media outlets such as Bloomberg BNA and ABC News. As a principal investigator, I have received grants from the National Science Foundation.

Research Interests 

Living in a digital world, I conduct research to understand the proper design and use of Information Technology in serving individuals, organizations, and the society. My research focuses on cyber-security, information privacy, extreme event management, e-commerce, and social media. My research methods include behavioral research, data analytics, design science, case study, and interviews.

Motivations for Being a Part of ISU ADVANCE 

Coming from a minority group, I have completed multiple degrees and earned a career in teaching. This personal experience helps me understand many of the challenges that students and faculty members in marginalized community will face in a university environment. I join the ADVANCE team to bring in diverse viewpoints and to help members of the ISU family build a better environment. My own research has studied quite a few gender and minority issues.

Greatest ISU ADVANCE Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution