Monic Behnken

Title: Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Administration
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Role in the ISU ADVANCE Program: 

I am serving as the interim Equity Advisor for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In this role I will conduct search committee trainings and work to develop and retain a diverse workforce.

Scholarly Expertise:

My scholarly expertise is in the areas of alternative adjudication methods for youthful offenders with psychiatric disorders. I also have expertise in racial and ethnic disparities in complex systems. I will use my understanding of systems and the complexities around disparities in my work with ADVANCE.

Research Interests:

My areas of research interest surround mentally disordered offenders, mental health courts, complex systems, disparities, and equity.

Motivations for Being a Part of ISU ADVANCE:

I am excited to be part of a group dedicated to addressing systematic change and progress.

Greatest ISU ADVANCE Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution 

I am proud to be working under Dr. Tera Jordan, our inaugural Assistant Provost for Faculty Development. I have long admired her leadership and the impact she has on this campus. I know I will learn amazing things from her that will help me learn, grow, and reach others. I am excited for this opportunity.