Eunjin (E.J.) Bahng

Title: Associate Professor
Department: School of Education
Faculty Webpage

Role in ISU Advance Program: 

As the Equity Advisor for the College of Human Science (CHS), I bridge various university-wide DEI efforts developed and initiated by the ISU ADVANCE program to the five departments of CHS. Within CHS, I work with the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and engage with DEI efforts led by the CHS Diversity, Equity, Community Committee. My role within CHS includes helping to advance the major college goals of the CHS Mission, Vision, and Strategic plans by weaving DEI efforts into them.   

Scholarly Expertise: 

My scholarship involves the professional development of newly hired science teachers through various subject-specific online mentoring programs with a shared science curriculum that is interdisciplinary and integrates STEM and the Arts (STEAM). Using Wenger's Communities of Practice, I have co-developed two science curricula and instructional materials: Children Doing Physics (textbook) since 2015 and Humanizing Science through STEAM Challenges since 2018. We recently premiered the Children Doing Physics YouTube Channel as an Open Educational Resource. This curriculum is also employed by Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea. I recently authored a children's book, Aari's Arirang Adventure

Research Interests: 

I study the puzzling phenomenon of "shifts" in teaching practices and emerging professional identities among new science teachers who participate in a subject-specific mentoring community. In addition, I am interested in forming "physics identity" through an interdisciplinary community of practice where a sense of belonging and critical friendships are embedded along with the fundamental physics ideas. 

Motivations for Being a Part of ISU Advance: 

The biggest motivations for me are the journey that will unfold one step at a time, the learning by being part of the group of forerunners in the DEI efforts on campus, and finally the impact of the learning on my contributions as a EA and on my personal spheres. 

Greatest ISU ADVANCE Achievement:

Recently, I have received a small grant to facilitate a Critical Friends Faculty Learning Community for multilingual multicultural (MLMC) women STEM scholars focusing on creating a safe and flourishing professional space as a community-based, culturally sustaining network, where we give reciprocating unconditional positive regard for each other, each other's professional scholarship, and personhood. Still at a very early stage!