Carmen L. Gomes

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Mechanical Engineering
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Role in the ISU ADVANCE Program 

As the Equity Advisor of the College of Engineering, my role is to promote and provide consultation and training on best practices in recruiting, retaining, and promoting high-quality diverse faculty in addition to develop solutions to campus challenges. I work with the dean's office, diversity committees, department chairs, faculty and staff to implement best practices for faculty searches and transform policies and practices to help faculty succeed in moving through the ranks and being successful. In addition, I co-chair the College of Engineering diversity and inclusion committee to enhance diversity and inclusion in all facets of COE's operations. I also collaborate with Equity Advisors from other colleges and the ISU ADVANCE and the Provost office.

Scholarly Expertise 

My scholarship involves the design of nanoscale materials using biopolymers and carbon-based materials for sensing and delivery systems; design of biosensors using nanotechnology approaches; stimuli-responsive nanostructures; delivery systems and sensing platforms for food safety and quality, soil health, water safety and quality, and human health applications.

Research Interests 

My research is focused on the design of nanoscale materials using biopolymers and 2D materials for the development of functional delivery systems and biosensors. My group has key research thrusts that include development of new materials, primarily nanocarbon materials and biopolymers, in particular, stimuli-responsive polymers with application areas in biosensing and delivery system for food safety and quality, soil health, water safety and quality, and human health applications.

Motivations for Being a Part of ISU ADVANCE 

I hope to continue the legacy of ISU ADVANCE programs and positively impact faculty experiences at ISU. By serving as the Equity Advisor for the College of Engineering positions me to support broadening participation of underrepresented groups in academia, and to champion and disseminate information and best practices for more inclusive searches, hiring processes, and retention strategies toward the college’s goals in enhancing diversity and inclusion in all areas of its operations.

Greatest ISU ADVANCE Achievement/Proud Moment/Contribution 

I started in July 2022, and I am learning a lot with the support from all of the Equity Advisors and Dr. Tera Jordan. It is a great community! I look forward to having achievements to report soon.